Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sorry about the photo problem...I'll get that sorted shortly! :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

O.P.I Hot and Spicy

Picked this up for a super great deal at my local winners. Couldn't resist and I love the colour even more after applying it! I did two coats but could easily have gotten away with just one.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Sexy Mother Pucker

Was just wasting time in the drug store when I came across this and I could not resist mostly due to the name. It is supposed to plump up your lips and sure does make your lips tingle. It's not a bad tingle and actually feels pretty good though. I've tried some that were almost painful! Also, this product smells like chocolate! YUM!
It's a little bit sticky but not too bad. It also lasts quite a long time which I like. I would probably buy this again when I run out.

Not sure if it really plumps much but it does make my lips look better!

Cover FX Eye Prep

This little tube is wonderful. First of all, I love products that can multi-task. This little guy is both a primer that works great, and has anti-aging qualities. This product is great for under eyes helping to prevent that concealer crease that we all hate and there are not a whole lot of products you can trust your undereyes to.
It holds on to your eyeshadow and concealer wonferfully as well. Do not though that colour is affected although only slightly. I do like that in some cases I can make a colour I love more bold with this product. All while preventing wrinkles too!

Product is a creamy white, goes on very silky and absorbs quickly although I do recommend waiting 5 to 10 minutes before applying makeup

Left side is MAC's Patina shadow alone. The Right side is using the primer first.
Colour is slightly different

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Quick Shave Tip!

You're going out and have your hair done, your nails, and your makup.
Then you realize, you've forgotten to shave.
Worst thing to do would be jump into that steamy shower and wreck your hair, and there is no way anyone should ever shave dry!

Grab some thick thick thick cream. I like to use Body Shop's Mango Body Butter, but any cream like that will do.
Grab a towl, and a bowl with warm water.
Slather the cream on your legs, and be generous!
Then, wetting your razor every few strokes shave the cream off.
When your done, just rub the excess cream into your legs!
A quick shave that doesn't ruin your look, and won't cause you any pain!

The only downside is the cream will dull your razor a wee bit faster than normal but honestly, that's hardly a price to pay for an easy shave on the go. PLUS, the cream makes your legs look great for a night out!

Elizabeth Arden Double Density

I had a friend who purchased a sample mascara kit from the drugstore. I asked her to document each brand and this is what happened.

First off was the Elizabeth Arden Double Density.

This is by no means the cheapest mascara you can buy. The quality is a little dry in comparison to other brands. She found it to clump very badly.She also found it not to be very volumizing. She has dark fairly thick lashes and this mascara does not do her justice. I found it clumpy as well, but I did not hate it. I have tried worse but for the price I would not buy it again.
Here is a photo of her testing

More to come!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Lashes for Miles

I, as well as many other women out there search for a great mascara. I have tried countless numbers of them ranging from drugstore brands to high end ones.

So far, my personal favourite is L'oreal Voluminous.

I have blonde, barely visible and thin lashes. This product gives me the best of both length and thickening.
They still use the old fashioned bristle brushes which I find work better for my lashes. With such thin lashes I don't find the new style of brush works for my lashes. This product will clump a little bit if you do not apply is properly (the wiggle motion) but only when it begins to get old which is no surprise.  The price range is around $10 depending on sales etc so for all it does, this product gets a pass from me.

Another great product with similar results is the BADgal lash by Benefit. This product also has the classic bristle brush that works well with thin lashes. The consistency is nice and it does not clump. The price is around $18 though, making the L'oreal product a bit more appealing.